Kenneth Lukong

Before I entered seminary, I was a student. I was in the college Seminary and later made the decision to become a priest and so I just continued into the Seminary. Thus, there hasn’t been any break for me in my life as a student/seminarian. I entered seminary when I was 12 and since then I have been in the seminary for 13 years.

One thing that attracted me to the priesthood was service. Although at that time I never knew exactly what that meant, but the services of a priest at the time I grew up had a lot of impact on me. Out of love for the work priests did for the people of God, I wanted to be a priest and do the same. I would like to be of service to the people of God in anyway my ecclesiastical authorities want me to be once I become a priest.

My favorite scripture passage is John 1:1. It states that “in the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God.” I love it for several reasons: firstly, it echoes the words of Genesis 1:1 in the beginning. This gives me the insight that it’s another beginning, as Benedict XVI says, a new era and the fulfillment of the old. Secondly, this new beginning goes back to the first because God’s Creation was by the word, and now the perfomative word of God has been made manifest in Christ – et verbum Caro factum est (John 1:14). This verse, therefore, has a lot of impact on me, and I love the high Christological implications found in it.