Karl Discher

Before I entered seminary, I was studying chemical engineering at Harford Community College and working as an Olympic Fencing referee for local tournaments and collegiate championship events.

The biggest thing that attracts me to the priesthood is celebrating all of the sacraments, but in a special way the Sacrament of Penance. The reception of this Sacrament has been a tremendous help to me in my life and most importantly in my relationship with God. I want to share this sacrament with others and to, in any way that God asks me, bring to them God’s love.

The healing of the centurion’s servant, Matthew 8:5-13, is one of my favorite bible passages, though I can find many others that I love. What really strikes me about this passage, is that the centurion, someone not a member of the chosen people and therefore viewed as unclean, comes to Jesus with the recognition of His Divine power. Unlike the other healings that He had performed, Jesus wasn’t directly with the servant of the centurion. Even so, the centurion recognized that Jesus has such power that He doesn’t even have to be physically present for Him to heal those whom the centurion cares for. He knew that if Jesus wanted to do so that He had, “but only say the word, and my servant will be healed.”