Francis Lyons

Before I entered seminary, I was a senior in High school at Delone Catholic. I played soccer, sang in the chorus, and enjoyed to do bike tours. I was in pro-life club, science club, and I had a great love for studying history as well.

One thing that attracts me to the priesthood is the role of a priest as the bridge between God and His people.

My favorite saint is St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis was a man of great holiness who converted many people to the faith. Through his holiness and gentleness, Saint Francis showed many the way to God. I have had a devotion to St. Francis since I was in the first grade – this is when I found out he liked animals and earlier in his life was a soldier. St. Francis is someone who is a great guide for my life, and who I look up to for his great example and assistance.