Christopher Rodgers

Prior to entering seminary I earned a degree in civil engineering from Virginia Tech and worked as a roadway and drainage design engineer at a firm in Owings Mills. During my time at Virginia Tech I became heavily involved with the Catholic campus ministry there and developed a strong desire to devote myself to serving others, a desire that carried over to my work as an engineer and various volunteer ministries that I took up in my parish and community during my time living and working in the Owings Mills area. Through prayer I eventually discerned that God was calling me to give myself more fully over to the service of His Church, and so I ultimately decided to apply to the seminary.

The main thing that attracts me to the priesthood is the sacramental ministry of priests, especially through the Eucharist and Reconciliation. In the sacraments we truly encounter and are nourished and sustained by the risen Lord, yet without the priesthood this spiritual sustenance would not be possible. If it is God’s will, I want to be an instrument through which He may offer this sustenance to His people.

One of my favorite extra-Biblical quotes is from the Confessions of Saint Augustine where, speaking to God, he states that “you have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” This really speaks to the core of a Christian understanding of the meaning of human existence, which can only be brought to fulfillment through union with the God who uniquely created each of us to accomplish a task peculiarly our own, and our complete dependence on God.