July 19-22 2018

Who am I? What am I doing? What am I meant to do? Where do I belong? Who challenges me? Where is home? Where do I find purpose? What brings me joy?  Where do I find happiness?

We all ask these questions. We all want to do something that matters. We all desire to find a purpose. We all try to find a place to belong. We all want to be challenged. We all want to know happiness and true joy.

You might tell your story in different ways. It’s still a part of one story.
You might see your life differently than others. It’s still a part of one life.
You might seek the truth in different ways. It’s still one truth.

Where do we find this story, this life, this truth? Christ.
Where do we find Christ? The Church.

Founded. Rooted. Called. The Church is the house of God founded on Christ its cornerstone. The Church is a life rooted in Christ, the true vine. The Church is the people of God called out to witness the Gospel. In the waters of Baptism you became a part of that Church. Your story is built upon it. Your life
will grow in it. Your calling will be for it. How does the Church help me find Christ? How does the Church help me understand myself?

This summer we invite you to join us as we explore these questions.

What to expect:

  • Sports competitions and tournaments
  • High-powered outdoor activities, including hiking, water balloon launching, and more!
  • Mass each day
  • Talks by inspiring speakers 
  • Great food!
  • Time for confession and spiritual direction
  • Socialize with other Catholic students
  • Spend time with the 38 seminarians of the Archdiocese



Sibling Discounts: 1st sibling – $175, 2nd sibling – $150, 3rd sibling – Free

*Scholarships available. Contact the Vocations Office for details. 


Mount St. Mary’s Seminary

16300 Old Emmitsburg Road

Emmitsburg, MD 21727




Under 18: A signed permission form and a signed Code of Behavior form is required for all those under 18 years of age. You can print the permission form below. Please send them to the Vocations Office (320 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201).

View Permission Form PDF:[English][Spanish]

ViewCamp Code of Behavior

18 and older: All campers who will be 18 years of age by the time of camp need to complete the Archdiocesan VIRTUS Child & Youth Protection Training in order to attend camp. Please contact the vocations office for details.




For further information, contact the Office of Vocations.